Soggy Glasshouse Ride

Very wet ride at Glasshouse with 8 bikes along for a great day out lead by Jozzie on the KTM 350. Lots of water and mud action, make sure you check out the video for some epic log jumps by Razzle and Brett as well. Pics below.

Video link:
Bonus drunkards vid:

Click to download 1080p:

A slippery step-up being tackled by Wuz
The crew having a break
Jozzie’s joystick
Crew meeting
Discussing Wayne’s flat tyre
Work about to start on Wayne’s flat
Chat after the ride
Heading to Jozzie’s for a beer after an awesome day out on the bikes
Jozzie’s view of the Glasshouse Mountains
Legendary crew haha. Beers on
Razzle being entertained by Margaret
Jozzie and Wayne

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