MVDBR ADV4 Epic Ride w/ Mr Africa Twin

What a ride this was, we had a bit of everything on this one. A good day as far as numbers go with 12 of 13 finishing the ride, Danny V had to drop out with a split fuel tank on his WR450. A journey through some epic trails from Imbil to Conondale and back, the terrain was varied and challenging with plenty of creek crossings and hill climbs. Big thanks to all for a great day, how good were those beers at the end after we’d all had dry hydration packs for the last couple hours of the ride. Oh yeahhhh. Check out some of the pics below.

Video link:

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BV5 Ride – More Hill Climb Carnage

13 starters for this ride and 4 finishers, the trails proved a little too hard for some of the younger fellas but they gave it a crack at least. We had one injury as well with Jesse popping his shoulder out but managed to get it back in and keep plugging for a while longer. There were 3 girls along for this ride as well and they did very well. Click here to see the video:

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Server Downtime

If you happened to notice the site has been unavailable for a couple of days, we do apologize. The downtime has been due to a backup hard drive failure in the MVDBR server box which we are working to rectify, however service may be intermittent over the next day or so.

[Update 26/10 – we back – replacement drive should arrive next week]

As a point of interest, the Seagate Barracuda 2TB drive that failed had clocked over 6 years 10 months of run time in this machine. The Western Digital disks with similar hours – still plugging along nicely 🙂