If you guys haven’t heard of Patreon or aren’t 100% sure how it works, basically it’s a simple way for creators (eg YouTube videographers like us!) to allow their awesome supporters to give a little something back for the long hard hours they put in, creating content for their audience. We thought we’d jump on board and get a Patreon page, you can read more about it here:

** Please be aware that Patreon works in US dollars, so depending on your currency conversion rate at the time, you may be charged slightly more (or less) than the dollar amount you pledge. **

If you don’t want to sign up with Patreon, or you’d prefer to make a one time donation, you can do that through our secure PayPal donation page by clicking the button below:

Here are our awesome supporters so far!

If any of you legends have a different photo of yourselves you’d like featured (preferably on or next to your motorcycles) or if you would prefer not to be on this page at all, just shoot us a message and let us know!