ADV3 Adventure Enduro Ride

Massive casualties on this epic hill climb carnage adventure! Well nobody actually died, I don’t think we even had any real injuries but we did start the ride with 15 bikes and finished with only 4. Zac scored the first flat tyre, then Jozz’s 350 started making horrible noises so she and Wayne had to pull out. Brendan got a flat rear later on but patched it up. A great ride, we managed to cover a fair distance and smashed some fun hills and single tracks. Check out some pics below.

Video here:

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We had a HUGE turnout for this ride! 29 bikes started, with 25 finishing the day which was a damn good effort. The ride went very smoothly considering the number of bikes, big props to all the riders for waiting patiently on their corners and to the sweeps who herded the group like champs. Mick graced us with his presence on the Africa Twin once again and upped the ante with some impressive riding. We also had 5 ladies along for the ride who all did very well, shamelessly showing up some of the blokes. Check out the photos below.

Don’t miss the video it’s a ripper:
Bonus footage:

A few of us camped the weekend which was awesome even though we had hectic frost both mornings. Big thanks to Danny & Nat for helping clear a new track on the day before the ride, it turned out great.

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