GoPro Hero 7 Black Initial Review

My first experience with the Hero 7 Black – some initial observations and test footage including HyperSmooth, TimeWarp, and comparison against the Hero Session. Details on battery life, video data rate, overall weight, and my bodged up helmet chin mount 🙂 Obviously this camera has a lot of great features and is 4K capable, but I’m only interested in 1080p at this stage as I think it’s all that is needed for dirt bike videos. Also my computer would struggle big time editing 4K files & I don’t own a 4K TV… Video link:

KTM 350EXC Valve Clearance Check

I give Nat a little guidance with checking the valve clearance on her 350EXC while she’s still off the bike recovering from knee surgery. The bike currently has 85 hours and 2,500km on it. Very easy job. It’s obviously a bit more involved if valve adjustment is necessary but this one was well within spec. This is ‘kind of’ a how-to video but not in too much detail. Vid link:

Bitch Hill Hard Enduro Video

Emmsy & I hit Bitch Hill and finally make it to the top. But the fun doesn’t stop there, we find a whole load of awesome fire trails & hills & prime single track. Video is a bit long but it was a truly epic ride and I couldn’t stand to cut any more footage from the edit. See the vid here:

Our Worst Video Yet…

Even though any ride is really a good ride, there are varying levels of enjoyment and this was one of those where we just weren’t feeling it. I wasn’t even going to bother editing this footage but I did anyway, so here it is for better or worse:

Struggle Street Enduro Video

Fighting our way through some more storm carnage, this was an awesome ride with good mates. Epic views, mint single track, magic swimming holes. Josh got a flat. A hungover Zac almost killed himself on several occasions. Emmsy still smashing it on that bald GoldenTyre GT333. Vid link: